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List of Seattle Chimney Repair and Brick Masonry Services

Seattle Hardscapes

As a Seattle Masonry Contractor we have been creating beautiful Hardscapes for many years. From Large Stone Retaining Walls to beautiful Blue Stone paths and patios. Stone in the Garden is the perfect balance that nature has provided for us...Seattle Hardscapes

Interlocking Pavers Seattle

Concrete pavers have come a long way since the days that they were first brough out. Dealers now offer them in many sizes, colors, and shapes. Gone are the days when all you could buy were pink and gray industrial looking pavers. The new Interlocking...Interlocking Pavers Seattle

Russian Fireplace Seattle

There are many types of Masonry Heaters, one of the most popular Heaters is known as the Russian Fireplace. Typically a Russian Fireplace or Heater will have three to five flue passages, these passages can run vertical or horizontal. Usually these...Russian Fireplace Seattle

Stone Retaining Walls Seattle

One of the very best ways that you can build a retaining wall in the Seattle area is to build it with a Drystacked or drystone method. As a Masonry contractor in the Seattle area for over 25 years, we have been involved in the construction of many...Stone Retaining Walls Seattle

Chimney Crown Repair

How often do you need to inspect your Fireplace or Chimney? Inspecting at least once a year will keep your Fifeplace Chimney in good working order. Loose brick or a cracked Chimney Crown can lead to much larger repairs later on if not maintained....Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Repair Bellevue

What more appealing scene can you think of then to be able to cuddle up in a comfortable chair next to the fireplace hearth, as the sounds of crackling logs linger in your ear. As the warmth of the fire fills your senses as the flames flickers...Chimney Repair Bellevue

Bellevue Masonry Contractor

The term Masonry Contractor can cover a lot of different aspects in the construction business,it can mean anything from the concrete footings that hold up your house, to the tile in your bathroom. As a Bellevue Masonry Contractor we been involved...Bellevue Masonry Contractor

Residential Wood Heating

In the early days, Americans relied on bountiful forest to provide fuel for all their cooking and heatings needs. Wood was plentiful and accessible Fuel and could be found quite easily here in the Seattle area. But what about heating our homes with...Residential Wood Heating

Wine Cellars Seattle

The Style of your Wine Cellar Makes a statement that reflects on your knowledge and depth of commitment to your journey, as you personly develop your tastes and share with other wine enthusiasts...Read More

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Seattle

One of lives joys is about eating wonderful food. For me a good Wood-Fired Pizza is one of these wonderful foods. Wood-Fired pizza is about preparing fresh wonderful ingredients and baking them on a thin crust pie, using a fruit wood fire to flavor...Wine Cellars Seattle

Masonry Contractors Seattle

As one of Seattles Masonry Contractors, we have been involved in the construction of many different masonry projects. In the Seattle area quite a few of the homes that that we see have brick or stone masonry on them,this gives them a sense beauty and...Masonry Contractors Seattlee

Chimney Flashing Repair Seattle.

Chimney flashing is one of the most important parts of a chimney, in that it protects the area around the chimney from leaking water were the roof meets the chimney. It also is one of the most over looked area in the maintenance of a home. Chimney...Chimney Flashing Repair Seattle

Retaining Walls Seattle

The key to building a sound Retaining wall, is in the way that you Construct it. Not all Retaining Walls are built the same, the higher that you build it the stronger that it needs to be. Of the many different material that are available...Retaining Walls Seattle

Stone Walls Seattle

Stone walls are an essential component for creating Garden art. A freestanding Stone Wall becomes a duel backdrop for other garden features, such as planting beds on one side or a beautiful stone Patio on the other. The top of the Stone Wall can also...Read More

Fire pits Seattle

Fire Pits have been used by mankind for thousands of years as a way to cook food, stay warm and as a place to just sit and enjoy the glow of the fire. While most of us no longer use a fire pit to cook on. There is still a deep seated pleasure in...Stone Walls Seattle

Outdoor Kitchens Seattle

Welcome to the pleasures of a outdoor kitchen. Spending time outside in your outdoor kitchen with friends and family is one of lives secret pleasures, your outdoor kitchen invites you to enjoy the incomparable flavors of outdoor cooking and relaxed...Outdoor Kitchens Seattle

Chimney Repair Kirkland

The key to being able to enjoy your Fireplace and chimney is to have it in good working order, one of the very best ways to insure this is to give it a yearly inspection. Chimney repair can be done quite reasonable here in Kirkland if the problems ...Chimney Repair Kirkland

Seattle Brick Mason

Brick Masonry is a Beautiful way to build that new home, for long lasting value and low maintenance think Brick! ...Seattle Brick Mason

Fireplace Remodel Seattle

Your Fireplace is one of the main focal points of your Home. Let us help you remodel your older fireplace and bring it up to date. We also specialize in raising the efficiency level of older Masonry Fireplaces. there are amazing new material....Fireplace Remodel Seattle

Stone Patios Seattle

A Stone patio is a beautiful way of enhancing your home,but did you know that its environmentally Green. Building a Patio with Stone is low maintenance and high durability,no chemical or paint needed to maintain. Safe for you and your pets to play on...Stone Patios Seattle

Glass Block Seattle

There Is a mystique for many architects, interior designers and homeowners about the design and installation of Glass Block. To create a beautiful Glass Block Wall you have to be part glass setter and part Block Mason. Glass Block are rugged enough...Glass Block Seattle

Stone Artistry Seattle.

As i have worked with Stone over the last 35 years i find that i am still amazed at this simple basic material called stone. I have design and created a wide varitey of stone projects from beautiful stone fireplaces to garden walls, stone patios and...Stone Artistry Seattle

Stucco Repair Seattle

Stucco has been used for Thousand of years. Weather you are considering Stucco for building your Home in Seattle or a Villa in Spain. Stucco is a Beautiful expression of long lasting Masonry construction and value....Stucco Repair Seattle

Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone has been use on the constrution of fine homes for over 50 years. As a Seattle Masonry Contractor we have used Cultured Stone to to enhance and beautify some of the finer homes in this area. The look of Stone has a timeless value that...Cultured Stone

Block Masonry Seattle

Block Masonry units have been used for building a wide verity of masonry projects, from the foundation of a home, to some of our largest commercial buildings. Block come in a large verity of shapes and colors. Building a Block Wall takes skill and...Block Masonry Seattle

Acid Stain Concrete Seattle

Color Acid Staining of Concrete can change a dull concrete floor or wall from a dreary gray to and exciting colorful work of art. If you have been in some of the newer commercial building you will see large beautiful Concrete floors that have been ...Acid Stain Concrete Seattle

Tuck Pointing Seattle

Bricks are one of the most durable material that we have to build with,and brick are generally more durable then the mortar that they are laid with. Tuck Pointing Brick when the mortar has been damage by the elements is a excellent way to restore ...Tuck Pointing Seattle

Wood Burning Masonry Fireplaces

If You could go to the home center and bring home a Masonry Fireplace over the weekend then every home in America would have a Wood Burning Masonry Fireplace in it. WE love our Fireplaces, very few things in life can bring the joy and comfort that a...Wood Burning Masonry Fireplaces

Seattle chimney repair

Seattle Chimney Repair. Leaks, cracks and Maintenance. Fireplace Remodel and Repair, can give your Fireplace and Chimney New life and Beautify the main focal point in your home. Call today for a Free Estimate on Repairing your old Fireplace....Seattle chimney repair

Outdoor Fireplaces Seattle

Adding an Outdoor Fireplace will allow you to add or extend your living space that you have in your home, a space that can even be used in cold weather. One of the favorite way to extend that living space is to build your outdoor fireplace under...Outdoor Fireplaces Seattle

Stone Masonry Seattle

As a Seattle Stone Masonry Contractor, We have been building various type of Stone Masonry for over 35 years the very best of these have a green origin to them, as well as there timeless value and beauty. ...Stone Masonry Seattle

Seattle Chimney Repair Cost

Masonry chimney come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. The cost of having your chimney repaired depends on the extent of the damage that has occurred. Here in the Seattle area water damage is our number one cause of damage, most of our cost...Seattle Chimney Repair Cost

Chimney Liners Seattle

Hear in the Seattle Area most of our homes have some kind of chimneys in them. The purpose of these chimneys is to provide a safe way to vent our fireplace, furnace, water heater, and wood stove. All of these need a safe flue liner or chimney liner....Chimney Liners Seattle
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