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Stone masonry out-door kitchenAs one of Seattle's Masonry Contractors, we have been involved in the construction of many different Masonry projects.  In the Seattle area quite a few of the homes that we see see have brick or stone masonry on them, this gives them a sense of balance and beauty that other homes don't have.  A case in point is when a builder is trying to save money on the construction of a home, and they will place wood shakes on the front of a house where you would normally place a brick or stone veneer.  Yes it can save some money but in a few short years it starts to look old and faded, not so with a brick or stone facing.  Not only will masonry hold up with little or no maintenance for many years but you will receive a two fold benefit  by using masonry.  The first is the enjoyment that you receive from living in a home that has the beauty of masonry on it, and the next is the a little thing called curb appeal.  Someday you will place your home on the market and a home with masonry on it will not only sell faster, but will also Command a higher resale price.  For this reason many contractors and home owners will place some masonry on there homes, or add a masonry fireplace to balance off the look of all wood.  Masonry contractors have been providing this type of beautiful stone and brick masonry for your home for many years.  Some other ways that masonry contractors can help help balance your homes appearance is by the use of masonry Hardscaping, this can be done with the use of a stylish rock wall that winds its way along the driveway, or a stone retaining wall that is holding the soil back and away from your home.

In the past masonry contractors use mostly brick to build their fireplaces and masonry walls here in the Seattle area, and for that reason we are able to offer some very nice options to update these brick masonry fireplaces and walls.  One of the best tips that i offer to my many clients here in Seattle is to think about remodeling the fireplace face, its one of the very best way to improve the enjoyment that you get out of the use of your home.  The cost for remodeling a fireplace face in a home is quite nominal, usually less then $3500.00 and that includes labor and material to remodel and update it.  That is quite a good investment in your home when you stop to think about it, when you remodel a fireplace you have just updated the number one focal point in your home.  Their our many different types of material to work with from stylish new brick to beautiful cultured stone that can be installed right over the old facings with out the cost of tear out.  This is also a very good time to consider making your fireplace preform better, most regular fireplaces have a heat efficiency of about 15% and that can be improved all the way up to a 85% efficiency.  So if you are going to remodel what a great time to improve heat efficiency of your Fireplace.

As one of Seattle best masonry contractors we offer you hardscape masonry for your yard and garden area as well.   Some of the products that we offer are stone masonry retaining walls, and if you know Seattle area fairly well you know that all most every lot has some slope to it. This means quite a few homes need to have some soil retain by a retaining wall, the good news is that we have an abundance of beautiful stone in this area that can be used for that purpose.  One of my favorite ways to create a beautiful landscaped hillside is to place a set of stone stairs that offset as they climb up the hill.  As you make your way back down by the house you might be thinking about placing a patio off the back side of your home, here is one of the best area in your home to go green.  We have been building green patio project for over 25 years this is were that you can reduce your carbon footprint by using a permeable surfaces to build your Patio.  Quite a few of the material that you can use in building a patio are recycled or recyclable.  Dry laid patios and stone walls are superior to walls and patio made out of concrete in many ways, here in the Seattle area we get quite a bit of rain and dry laid patios  will let the rain pass through slowly and prevent surface water run off.  I believe that this is a good time to be involved in masonry, their many new material that can help us to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  If you have been considering repairing or remodeling your home or garden area in regard to any masonry please take a moment view our beautiful web picture gallery, we have many examples of masonry projects from a simple set of stone steps to beautiful out-door kitchen.



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