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Brick is one of the oldest materials know to man, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are used to build everything from the largest commercial Brick Building to a beautiful Brick Patio.  Bricklayers have been used to build stately Fireplaces and Homes for thousands of years in almost every country in the world, in a wide variety of style and design.  The reason for this can be summed up with one word Quality!  Brick has a quality that each of us can understand, it is  an innate feeling that we know when we see it.  Choosing the right building material for your home is a decision that tells the world who you are and what you value.  Building with Brick allows you to achieve virtually any architectural  design through a variety of complementary shapes, color and textures.  Brick contributes in to your home value in many ways.  As a Seattle Masonry contractor we have been involved in building various type masonry projects that were environmentally friendly and Green.  Brick is a green building material it is made primarily from clay, one of natures most abundant resources.  Brick also contributes to sustainable design and long life span.  Other sustainable practices are durability, energy efficiency, recycled content, acoustic insulation, low construction waste, and a potential for reuse.  Finally Bricks are manufactured with modern day practices.

Choosing to build with Brick in the Seattle area has other practical considerations,  Brick is a natural insulator, its slow to absorb or lose heat.  It will be warmer in the winter and cooler in summer, all the while saving you money on the fuel bill.  Brick also never needs to be painted or sanded. Brick won't rot, fad or peel, It just improves with time.  Building with Brick brings a feeling of warmth and hospitality when its used in a interior setting.  By adding Brick to a Fireplace, Kitchen Wall, or Wine Room, you can turn an ordinary living spaces into a beautiful work of art.  When building with Brick on the exterior of your home Brick is a Maintenance saver in many ways, in Seattle Brick will hold up far longer then  homes that have typical type siding or Stucco.  This can lead to a savings of time,energy, and safety.  Brick is one of the most fire resistant material known to man,  Brick can withstand temperatures that will burn and melt most other Materials.  Last but not least Is the Resale value of a Brick Masonry Home, and if and when you decide to sale your Brick Home you will find that it will command a much higher price.  This makes your initial investment a very wise one indeed.

We have been Building Brick Homes in the Seattle area for over 35 years, if you go to my Picture Gallery you will be able to see quite a few pictures of Brick Homes, Brick Fireplaces, Brick Walls and Brick Patios, the amazing thing is the pictures we place on the Gallery are quite recent.  Take a moment and click on the Brick Picture and enlarge them, when you do you will see that these Brick Homes are as beautiful as the day that were built.  Many of these Brick Homes, Fireplace and Walls were built over 30 years ago.  Brick is truly a ageless material in many settings Brick Masonry only improves with time.  It's no wonder that Brick has been used for thousands of years in ever country in the world, building with Brick is building for the generations.  Let us help you with that next Brick project that you are planing, from a new Brick Home, to a beautiful Brick Patio or a Brick walkway.  We will provide you with extraordinary Masonry Service at reasonable prices, we are your home town Bricklaying Contractor.

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