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Beautiful stone remodel fireplace
If you could go to the home center and bring home a Masonry Fireplace over the weekend then every home in America would have a masonry fireplace in it.  We love our Fireplaces, very few things in life can bring the joy and comfort that a Masonry Fireplace can, even thou most homes are equipped with modern heating sources like electric and gas forced air heating, we still seem to have a need  enjoy the romance of an open fire.  Masonry Fireplaces have been used for thousands of years to warm the air and hearts of all who truly love the sound, smell and romance of the fire.  Here in the Seattle area a Masonry Fireplace can come in quite handy as well, every so often we get a strong storm that blast through our area leaving us without power.  Since a lot of our homes are heated with electric or gas forced heating systems we can be as they say left out in the cold, even a gas furnace needs electric to run it.  Also we seem to be living in times of change here in this country, I often wonder what would happen if there were to be a natural disaster that would last longer then the few days that a storm does.  A working Fireplace could make the difference of  living in our homes or not having a place to live.  There are many types of  fireplaces  and they come with many features that keep them burning in a safe and attractive way.  You may be saying at this point we really do love a Fireplace but mine is so old and ugly that we don't even use it, if that is the case then let's talk about some options for Remodeling that old Masonry Fireplace and create a place that you will truly love use and enjoy.

There is a beautiful Wood Burning Fireplace for every budget,  this is especial true if you already have an older Wood Burning Fireplace.  Most of the older masonry fireplace will have a brick or stone facing on the inside built around the firebox.  This is what you see as you stand and look at your fireplace in your home.  Most fireplaces have been built to be the focal point of the room that they are in, and can be a beautiful, warm, and inviting place to spend an evening or just that old looking Masonry Fireplace over there on the wall.  The first thing that you need to know about your fireplace is that that old brick or stone facing that you see is only a facing, and can be change or faced over with out tearing out the rest of the fireplace.  What this means is the you can have a brand new looking Masonry Fireplace for just the cost of remodeling or changing the face of you fireplace.  One of the first Questions that I have when I am considering making a purchase for my home is how much will it cost, and will it be something that not only can I enjoy but be of value when and if decide to sell my home.  The answer is yes to both of these questions.  As for the cost of remodeling a fireplace, every fireplace has a few different options to consider when it comes to cost but I can get you close.  The cost of remodeling a Wood Burning Fireplace  should be around $3500.00 dollars,  this could change a little if your fireplace is extra large, or is in the middle of the room with more then one side to remodel.  The cost of building a new fireplace for a home is around $15,000 dollars, so remodeling a Masonry Fireplace facing is really quite reasonable.

There are many things that you can do to enjoy your newly remodeled Masonry fireplace.   This new fireplace area will now become one of the main focal points of your home, a warm and inviting place where your family will gather around and spend the evening with each other, talking about the days events or just sitting back and enjoying the fire.  There are a wide variety of accessories that you can find to enhance your fireplace experience, while you improve your Masonry Fireplace beauty and efficiency.   Here are a few that things that I feel that every Wood Burning Fireplace should have to increase the efficiency and beauty.  For the back wall of your firebox were you build the fire, they make a fancy metal plate called a Fireback  these fireback have two or more function, first they are very attractive and they will help your Wood Burning Fireplace increase it's efficiency by broadcasting the heat off the metal and out in to the room.  My next accessories that every Wood Burning Fireplace must have is a Glass Door,  If you notes I used the word must have not should have,  because the number one reason that a Masonry Fireplace is not as efficient as they should be is the fact that people fail to have them on there Fireplaces.  When you are not using your fireplace a Glass Door will stop heat loss from going up your Chimney, but you might say i have a damper and if I close it won't it do the same?  The answer is no a damper is built with some clearances between the damper blade and the damper, this is so when the metal damper heats up when the fire is going it will not bind up.  There are several other that a Wood Burning fireplace must have a Glass Door, One of them is they are truly a safety factor.  I can give you many other tips to help increases the enjoyment of your fireplace, give us a call for a free estimate on fireplace remodel or chimney repair.


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