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Seattle Chimney Repair Cost

Major Chimney Damage
Masonry chimney come in many sizes, shapes, and forms.  The cost of having your chimney repaired depends on the extent of the damage that has occurred.  Here in the Seattle area water damage is our number one cause of damage, most of our chimneys are built with brick, but they can also be built with other material like stone or block.  When we talk about the cost of repair of masonry chimneys we will be talking about two different types of chimneys, the first type of chimney is a furnace chimney, that you find only on older homes. Its usually quite a bit smaller then a fireplace chimney. and for that reason, the cost to repair or rebuild it will be substantially less then a fireplace chimney.  What both types of chimney have in common is that they must both be maintain every so often in order to do their job.  One of the main thing to remember is the cost to repair a furnace chimney will depend on several different factors, the extent of the damage, the size of the chimney, and how hard it is to get at.  Of these three factors you have the most control over cost, by the way you maintain your chimney.  The good news is that in over 75% of all the furnace chimney repairs that we see, the only area that needs repair is the portion that is above the roof- line.  Most furnace chimneys will be between three to five feet high and approximately two feet square.  High steep roofs will increase the cost of any type of repair.  Here are some pricing guides that you can use in the Seattle area for your chimney furnace, depending on the amount of damage you have a fair price for rebuilding a smaller furnace chimney would be around $750.00 to $1500.00 dollars, this could go up if it is hard to get at. These cost should cover fixing loose brick, tuck pointing all four side, new counter flashing, and new concrete crown.  This is also a good time to think about installing a liner in your furnace chimney, this is price by the lin.foot and in most cases should be around $550 to $700 dollars on a one story home.

The other type of chimney that we have here in the Seattle area is the fireplace chimney, they can range from a simple one story brick chimney to a multiple story stone masonry masterpiece.  So each and everyone of these fireplace chimney will have a different set of cost associated with them. Let start by giving you an idea of what your fireplace is worth.  If you have a very standard one story brick fireplace chimney the cost to replace it would be around $15.000. dollars depending on where it is and who you hired to build it.  On the other end of the scale a beautiful multiple story stone masonry fireplace could cost over $50.000 dollars.  As a Seattle Masonry Contractor we have seen, built, and repaired both ends of the specter and every type of fireplace chimney in between.  As you can see your fireplace chimney is a important part of your homes value, and as such needs to be maintained.  Because your fireplace chimney is located high up and out of the normal line of sight, most people fail to maintain it or think about it till it starts to leak water right into their homes or cause other serious damage.  One of the number one things that a home inspector finds when a home is being sold is that the fireplace chimney has water damage or is causing serious water damage to the home. The best way to avoid the cost of dealing with this type of problem is to maintain your fireplace chimney, and the best way of doing that is to not let it go.  As a Seattle masonry contractor we offer free chimney inspection, and will go over with you what you need to do in order to keep your fireplace in good working order.  Repairs that are  found early are quite reasonable to repair in comparison to doing the repairs after major damage has happened.  Depending on the amount of damage and the size of the chimney, the cost to tuck point and repair your fireplace chimney in the Seattle area can start at about $3000. dollars  to  $7000. or more.  Every so often we see a chimney that is let go so long that it has to be completely torn down, in that case you have the cost of complete removal and the full cost of replacement.  In the picture above it is very easy to see the water damage that has happened to this chimney and what caused it. The cost of the repair for the chimney above was  $3575. dollars Tax.  Don't let your chimney go this far.



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