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The look of stone is a timeless and beautiful way of conveying an image of quality to your home. Now more then ever, it complements fine architecture in the Seattle Area.  As a Seattle masonry Contractor we have been in the forefront of building with stone for many years.  As building cost have gone up and construction methods change, their was a need to create new ways to provide the look and quality of real stone Masonry. Two company have been providing good quality Thin Veneer Stone in the Seattle area for over 20 years. The first is Cultured Stone a Owens Corning company, the next is Eldorado Stone Company, both company back up there product with an excellent warranty.  What's common to both company is they try to create the look and feel of Real Stone, everything undergoes a meticulous production process, aided by the latest technological innovations.  As a building material Real Stone is at least twice the cost of Cultured Stone, requiring large concrete foundations to set it on. On the other hand Cultured Stone can be used on any wall in the home with out the need of a special Foundation.  Cultured Stone is lightweight, versatile and affordable, it opens the way for homeowners, designers, and architects to explore new and creative ideas.

Many of the homes that we have worked on in the Seattle area have used Cultured Stone to create a visual and tactile appeal that evokes a naturally creativity.  This has resulted in opportunities for architectural design and styles that are unique to each project.  These days homeowners are looking for a natural look, that will add visual impact to their living space. One of best ways to do this is through the classic beauty of Stone. Using the unforgettable look of a Stone Fireplace as it create an environment of warmth and serenity, were family and friends get-together.  There are Cultured Stones for every taste from the smooth flow of a River Rock Fireplace to a rugged Cliffstone Wall, that embodies a timelessness that only Stone can give.  Cultured stone is a major enhancement to the outside of any home because it looks so natural, Stone Veneer reflects a beauty and value that homeowners want.  Cultured Stone enhancements to your home offer endless creative opportunities, to potentially raise the value of your home.

What stone can do for the home, it can really do for the Garden. In Seattle we live a busy life style where leisure time is becoming scarce,  Cultured Stone Veneers can help make your time in the garden a pleasure. Garden Walls of Stone Masonry Construction, Walkways, Outdoor Fireplaces, Paths, and Stone Patios can all work well with Cultured Stone products.  Beyond the Stone Masonry there's other considerations that will play a major role in the presentation of Stone Work. That's the finishing touches of these decorative accents, Trim Stones, Hearthstones, Sill Stones, Key Stones, Wall Caps, Column Caps, Stone lintels, Corner Quoins, Stone Mantles, and more.  Cultured Stone is designed with countless ways to complete any project with exceptional style.  They will enhance any surface into a beautiful Stone compositions, helping anyone to realize their own unique vision for a beautiful Stone Fireplace or a Stone Wall in the Garden.  As a Masonry Contractor in the Seattle area we have been building with Stone for over 25 years let us help you beautify your home or garden with Stone Masonry.



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