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Hardscape Stone Garden Wall.As a Seattle Masonry Contractor we have been creating beautiful Hardscapes for many years.  From large Stone Boulder Retaining Walls, to beautiful Blue Stone Paths and Patios. Hardscape Stone Masonry can create that perfect balance with the natural Stone material  that nature has provided for us. Here in the Seattle area we have a wide verity of stone to work with, by using the right Hardscaping material we can improve the appearance and function or your landscape.  One of the challenges in design a Functional Hardscape is to use the space that you have to work to its best advantage, by turning the natural features of that space into a living space.  In the Seattle area quite a few homes have rather small back yards that are not being used to their full extent.  By creating a small stone patio the site can be molded into beautiful extra living space that not only add interest and beauty but also value.  Then by placing a low Stone Wall around the edges of the stone patio you can create a Retaining Wall Planter that you can plant, just like the picture in the photo. This beautiful Hardscape Stone Wall also will serve as a place to sit when you have guest over to enjoy the new living space and it won't take up any space from the stone patio.


Retaining Walls can be used to improve the appearance and function of your property,  but the primary use is for holding back earth and increasing the stability.  This is especially important during the winter months in the Seattle Area, a large amount of water enters the soil and can erode the soil. By planting additional plants behind the Stone Hardscape Retaining Walls you can improve the stability of the landscape.  A set of Stone Steps climbing its way up the terraced hillside can not only add to the beauty but also will provide a way to access the higher area of your hillside.  By creating these natural living spaces you are enhancing the quality of the time spent in your home as well as the value of your property. Placing large Boulders in the landscape at  random places can also be a very effective way of adding interest to your landscape design, by use boulders as points of interest you can create a look that is only found in nature it self.


Creating a small rockeries is a excellent way of leveling up a yard when it has a slope that is a little to steep to lay a Patio on.  By using this method you can bring up the low end of the yard and be able to build a level Patio on the area.  One of the more enjoyable things to do is to have a Fire pit in the middle of your Stone Patio and a beautiful set of Stone Benches that will round out your Masonry Hardscape. If you go to my picture gallery you will find several picture of beautiful Stone Patios with fire pits in them.  Patios are often though of as a place to entertain friends and family but sometimes you just need a place to get away from it all, where a small Water Feature bubbles over a bed of river Stones down into a clear Pond. As your mind drift back up the Stone Pathway to reminisce on the days events. Truly a beautiful placed Hardscape in your garden will bring you enjoyment that will last for many years to come.


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