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Outdoor Kitchens Seattle

Covered Outdoor KitchenWelcome to the pleasures of a outdoor kitchen.  Spending time outside in your outdoor kitchen with your friends and family is one of lives simple pleasures, your outdoor kitchen invites you to enjoy the incomparable flavors of outdoor cooking and relaxed comfort.   Who can resist spending a beautiful evening under the stars with a warm fire glowing in your outdoor fireplace, as a candle lit table illuminates the night.  Adding an outdoor kitchen allows you to extend the amount of living space in your home,  and by placing your outdoor kitchen with in a stylish outdoor covered porch you can enjoy al the ambience of outdoor living right here in the Seattle area year around.  Having a dream outdoor kitchen would be a marvelous  thing, but where do you begin and where is a good place to put it?  Quite a few homes have a patio or an area were a patio could be placed,  if your home already has a concrete patio you might want to think about over laying it with brick or stone to start your outdoor kitchen project.  Everything doesn't have to be done at once, but plan ahead for what you want in your outdoor kitchen, if you are going to have appliances in your outdoor kitchen then you will want to make provisions for water, gas, and electric to run under the patio.  Now is the time to plan your project fully and efficient.


Your outdoor kitchen should be  though of as a room that has a functional design and layout, in this way you can plan for such items as cabinets, counter tops,built in grills, sinks, and refrigerators.  Even the simplest of outdoor kitchens requires several important elements, a place to cook the food,  a area to place the food before serving it,  and a place to sit and enjoy the meal.  In some large outdoor kitchens you also might want places for storing wood, fuel, grill covers, dishes, glassware and other such things.  All of these elements are important in the make up of your outdoor kitchen, but the most important factor is where and how you place the grill.  The two factors that stand out the most are how much room will you need to prepare and cook the food and where the grill is in relationship to were you will sit and enjoy the meal.  As we all know the wind can change the smoke from a grill, so its wise to place the grill in your outdoor kitchen in such a place that the wind has little or no effect on it.  Remember an outdoor kitchen does not exist in a void by it self,  it will look and work best if it relates back to the rest of your home and garden area.


At this point you may have some pretty good ideas of what you would like to have in your outdoor kitchen.  the next  thing that you will need to think about is the over all layout, design, and type of material that you would like to use.   Think about how you can match the style of your outdoor kitchen back to the style , size, design, and material that make up your home now.  For an example if you have a brick home you might want a brick patio or brick wall around your outdoor kitchen, and if your home had some beautiful stone masonry on it you might place a beautiful natural blue stone patio floor in it.   A California home style of plaster would be perfect with a stucco covered kitchen island in the middle of the outdoor kitchen.  Filling out the rest of the landscape around your outdoor kitchen will enhance the overall beauty, style and function of your outdoor kitchen,  Stone walls and stone patios, brick pathways,  raise planting beds, and water features all make up natural elements that will make your dream outdoor kitchen come true.  If you are considering an outdoor kitchen, stone patio, outdoor fireplace, or a garden wall please take a moment and view our beautiful gallery of pictures.


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