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Is the ultimate Material. It can outlast any other Material in structure, in ornamentation, and in beauty. There exists a rare relationship between the Mason and his Stone.  Along with plants and water Stone makes up the original elements of our planet.  There is a connection between a Stone Mason and working the Stone, that causes a Mason to reach out and stretch his skills and create with Stone.  Stonework continues to fascinate all who look upon it, it transcending every nationality, background and race.  Essentially Stone Masonry is an artistic statement that we can use to beautify our homes and lives, as well as those around us.  Stone comes in all shapes, sizes, color, and textures. Some of the variety that we have to chose from in the Seattle area are, Weathered Granite,  Montana Ledge Stone,  Flag Stone,  Blue Stone, Basalt  Fieldstone,  Sandstone,  Quartzes,  Moss,  and Shell Stone.  Choosing the right  type of Stone for your Masonry project is very important, so try to visualize the Image that you want and like.  Central to being able to envision that Image is to have some knowledge of the Stone that you are going use and how it will fit in with its surroundings.  One of the best way to learn about the different types and styles of Stone,  is to work closely with a professional Stone Masonry Contractor.  In the Greater Seattle Area there are quite a few retail Stone yards, many of these will let the customer go right out in the Stone Yard and pick free samples to compare.

Hiring a Stone Masonry Contractor  Is a lot like  finding a really good mechanic, or a good building Contractor, to build that special home that you have been planing for.  And in some ways maybe a little bit harder, this is due to several reasons.  There are quite a few people out there that have the ability to Lay Bricks, or to place Stones in a wall that will not fall out.  But that does not a Stone Mason Make, my dad who was one of the best Stone Masons i have ever met.  Once told me that he had a picture in his mind as to what the Stonework would look like, and then every time that a Stone was place in the wall, that picture would change.  As the placement of that Stone now related to every Stone in the Wall. After a few years of serving as his apprentice, i soon came to see the relationship and patterns that exist in the Stone.  Some 35 years have past and i still get delighted when a client wants me back for a new project.  That's the best recommendation that a Mason can have, is when a client wants more of what he already has.  A Mason is no harder to locate then any other craftsperson, you want to find someone who takes pride in his work. That will have your Interests as a priority, and someone that you can communicate well with.  You should see other work that your Stone Mason has done, and talk to other clients about how the job went.  Go into your search with enough information  to know what you want.  You have to know enough to make informed decisions about your Masonry Project.

As a Seattle Stone Masonry Contractor for over 35 years we look forward to being able to visit with you in the near future in regard to any Masonry projects that you are planing,  Please take a moment and visit our beautiful picture gallery where you can find many examples of Stone Masonry projects like,  Stone Fireplaces, Chimney, Stone Walls,  Stone Patios,  Stone Pizza Ovens,  Stone Wine Rooms,  Stone Venners,and  Stone Paths,   Let us help you create that extraordinary Stone Masonry project.  Picture a beautiful Outdoor Fireplace or a Stone Path in your garden. We provide a great Masonry Service for a reasonable Price.

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