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Stone Patios Seattle


  Stone Patios, Outdoor Living, Seattle

A natural Stone Patio gives a timeless look to any landscape feature, as it provides a beautiful visual point of interest to the surrounding plants and garden.  One of the first choices you need to make when planning a new Patio or Walkway is where to place them. In the Seattle area we have a good amount of rain and moisture.  A natural Stone Patio will hold up quite well in this environment with little or no maintenance by choose a bright spot to place your Patio.  Placing any Patio or Walkway in a deep shaded area will involve extra time and care.  One of the very best ways to get the most use and enjoyment out of a beautiful Stone Patio is to partially enclosed it, this is a very popular way of building a Stone Patio in the Seattle area.  Other ways of enhancing natural Stone Patios, are by placing a collection of beautiful large potted shrubs around it.  To get the most out of your new Patio think about placing it just off your kitchen and be generous with its size.  A beautiful Stone Patio that stretches from your kitchen to out past the family room can change the way in which you view and use your home, while raising the value of your home.

When you are planing and designing your new Patio, take time to plan and think about just how you'd like to use this new found living space.  Think about what type of activities you would enjoy, is this a place that you would like to set a comfortable chair while taking a break from gardening?  Or a secluded spot in the back of the garden, sitting on a beautiful Stone Bench as you can catch the warmth of the morning sun coming up.  Do you like to entertain outdoors?  A Stone Patio is a grate place to entertain friends And family, where you can sit around a Outdoor Fireplace and enjoy the evening air, or maybe a sunken Fire Pit with Stone Benches.  A natural Stone Patio is also a safer Greener alternative to many other materials, when you think about the wood and chemical products that it takes to build and maintain wood decks.  Natural Stone is a safe Chemical free surface to let your kids and pets play on.  The most inviting Patios will have some type of furniture to provide a comfortable place to sit, while you admire the nearby plants, Water Features or Outdoor Fireplace.  This can be a wonderful place to curl up with a good book and spend the afternoon.

When we think about a beautiful Stone Patio, its a wonderful place to enjoy a meal.  Some of the finest restaurants in the world offer outdoor dining.  Why is it that food tastes better when we dine outdoors?  Perhaps it has something to do with the fresh air, or memories of good times that we shared with family and good friends.  Whatever the reason, the popularity of outdoor dining is undeniable.  It's one of the best reasons to add a Beautiful Stone Masonry Patio to your home.   A Water Feature with or a specimen plant, bathed in soft spot light can also create an atmosphere of pleasure. Lighting can make a big difference in your outdoor dining experience, especially where steps are involved.  When lighting your Patio choose soft light to enhance the atmosphere, rather then harsh and bright floodlights.  Hanging soft lights from lanterns along a Stone Path that leads to the Patio can also delight your senses.  Please take a moment of your time view our picture gallery, where you will find many beautiful Masonry projects that we have built for are customers in the Seattle area. We always provide the best Masonry Service for the best Price.  Call today for your Free Estimate.


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