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Stone Walls Seattle

StoneBeautiful Stone Wall Walls are an essential component for creating garden art.  A freestanding Stone Wall becomes a duel backdrop for other garden features, such as planting beds on one side or a beautiful Stone Patio on the other.  The top of the Stone Wall can also be an attractive place to set a decorative bowl or urn that can be seen from both sides.  Stone Walls Convey a sense of solidity and permanence, thanks to the nature of the material that it is made up of.  Stone Walls makes perfect borders and boundaries when you use them to draw attention to the edges of a particular Landscaping feature, as the draw your attention to them.   There is a physical, mental, and spiritual aspect to Stone Masonry that seems to fulfill a need to create Masonry Art.  Construction of a Stone Masonry Wall is more then just placing Stone into a Wall.  Building Stone Masonry Walls entails the imagination of a visionary artist that gives careful though to the effect that each Stone has in the character and make up of Stone Masonry Wall.

A garden is only a piece of your Landscape.  The word garden is derived from a German word meaning enclosure.  When you think of an enclosure you might think of a fence or a hedge, but a Dry-Stack Stone Wall creates a beautiful artistic Masonry Hardscape, that provides a psychological heft that only a Stone Wall has.  In the Seattle area we have quite a few area that a beautiful Stone Wall would work particularly well with, when creating a border between the garden and a Stone Patio, a Stone Wall will work well both elements as well as a Stone Wall might separate a driveway from a lawn.  Remember that a Stone Wall need not be large or tall to have a big affect on a small garden, by keeping the Walls fairly low you can still offer sense of enclosure to your Garden area.  Construction of a Free-Standing Stone Wall can be done in two ways.  A Free-Standing Wall will have double sides or two faces,  that are bonded together with mortar or interlocked with other stones.  A true Free-Standing Stone Wall not have any mortar in it but will be lock together by placing, fitting and balancing the Stones together in a way that they won't come apart.  A Stone Wall built this way is truly a time honored Art, a Stone Wall built this way can last many lifetimes so if you have a special place that Stone Wall can be there for a very long time.

Every Stone Mason has his own style of laying Stone, most good Stone Masons started out by working with a older and more experience Mason, but this is not always the case.  Many times a person has  rare talent for working with Stone.  You might call it a mystical connection that goes way beyond hard work, sweat and skill.  One of the more interesting aspect of Stone Working is the ability to visualize the many ways that a Stone can be used to create something that will outlast us, something of great beauty and effort.   Some of the ways that we use Stone Masonry in the Seattle area are on and around the homes that we build with Masonry Construction, Stone Facings, Stone Fireplaces, Stone wine-rooms, and in the garden we build Masonry Hardscaping for Beautiful Blue Stone Patios, Dry-Stacked Stone Walls, Paving Stone Walkways, and other Hardscaping Masonry Art. As with any practical craft or art, there is a desire for excellence and gratification from our work that we can leave to the millennia.

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