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Can This Chimney Be Saved
Bricks are one of the most durable material that we have to build with, and brick are generally more durable then the mortar that they are laid with. Tuck Pointing a Brick or Stone Wall when the mortar joints have been damage by time and weather is a excellent way to restore them back to their original beauty.   Tuck Pointing Brick and Stone is a process that involves replace the damage mortar that surrounds the Stone or Brick  without relaying them, this involves excavating any loose or spongy mortar that is in the joints to a depth that is no less then the joint is wide.  If the joints are extra soft you may have to grind them out even deeper, sometimes the mortar is so deteriorated that Tuck Pointing is no longer is an option and the Brick must be relayed. In the Seattle area water is the main reason for damage to Brick and Stone walls, but one of the main things that we Tuck Point are Chimneys this is due to the fact that the Masonry Crown are not maintained.  As time goes by small cracks open and let water penetrate into the top of the Fireplace or Chimney, at first this is hard to see due to the fact that most Chimney tops are 25 to 30 feet in the air.  Your first sign that the chimney needs repair or Tuck Pointed is if you see moss growing on the surface or the Brick or Stone.

Can This Chimney be saved or will it have to be torn down?  After we clean off the Moss by power washing the Chimney we found that we could grind out the joints and relay any loose brick, next the Chimney needed to be Tuck Pointed with new mortar, cleaned and sealed. Last but not least the most important repair on this Tuck Pointing job was to install a new Concrete cap or crown over the brick masonry Chimney. Without repointing, the process of deterioration accelerates, particularly in winter mainly due to the freezing and thawing cycle.  As the water enters the Masonry Chimney it expands and cracks the mortar and brick,  To stop this type of damage fix any cracks as soon as you can, keep the chimney as dry and clean as possible by installing a Concrete Crown that overhangs the Brick or Stone chimney by at least 2'' all the way around the Chimney.  In this way most of the water will run off the top of the Chimney Crown and drop to the roof without running down the face of the Chimney.  One of the other things that we run into when we are doing a Tuck Pointing job is that quite often the Brick or Stone are ether broken or stained.

Here are a few do and don'ts when we are talking about cleaning, Tuck Pointing and general maintenance of your Chimney.  The number one rule of cleaning the outside of your Brick or Stone is Never and i mean Never sandblast the face of the Brick, this will take off the face of the brick and leave it open to future damage, the quickest way to ruin a Brick Wall or Chimney is to sandblast it.  Plant life can also be destructive to a Masonry wall or Chimney, Ivy can attach it self to the smallest cracks and it has the same ability as freezing water to damage your Masonry wall.  If you see plants growing on your Chimney cut them off and kill them with Ammonium phosphate.  If they have entered the mortar joints it may be necessary to grind out the mortar joint and Repoint it.  Mold and mildew will also take hold on your Masonry, especially here in the Seattle Area it seems that we get all the water we need to grow a fine crop of it.  WE have been restoring Brick and Stone Masonry in the Seattle area for over 25 years, we can make your Masonry look like new by Tuck Pointing, Cleaning, Sealing.  Ask about ways to clean your Stone and Brick Patios, Chimney and Walls.

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