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Wine Cellars Seattle

Building a Custom Wine Cellar

Stone Masonry Wine CellarBuilding a Custom Wine Cellar takes an understanding of some basic principles, that require an understanding of good design and Construction technique. Adding a wine cellar to your home will require some though as were to put it, and what size you will build it.  A Wine collection may start off modestly but as time goes by they tend to become a little larger. There are many material that come together to make an ideal wine storage environment.  Look for a area in your home that provides reasonable access to such thing as electric and plumbing extension, and that provides a balance of convenience and capacity.  Quite a few homes have a basement location that could be used for a Wine Cellar, if you are considering this underground location choose an outside corner so that you can use two of the basement walls for your Wine Cellar Room.  This will save both time and building cost as well as provide your Wine Cellar with extra thermal mass. Remember when choosing a space for your Wine Cellar, take time to give though to all the requirements and features that you want and need. A little extra planing goes a long way when you are building a custom Wine Cellar.  An elegant Wine Cellar should be built with a good design, and high quality material that enhances the Wine experience.  A well design Wine Room will serves the needs of both the wine and the Cellar Master.  Stopping the transfer of heat and cold through out your Wine Cellar Walls is essential to maintaining a ideal climate inside the Wine Cellar.  One of the best ways to do this is to provide a large thermal Mass in and around your Wine Cellar.


A Custom Wine Cellar is one of the best investments that you can make when you have a large and growing Wine Collection, that require aging and proper storage.  Having a proper place to store your Wine Collection will add to your enjoyment of the Wine itself.  A Custom Wine Cellar with beautiful Stone Walls and Stone Floors will add value and charm to your home,  adding personal enjoyment while you live in the home. A Custom Wine room can also add to your home resale value, Wine rooms are among the most popular features in new and custom homes.  Custom Wine Cellar typically reflect Stone Masonry Walls and stone floors, elegant level carpentry, high grade hardware and fixtures,  Arched niches, granite countertops,  and vaulted Stone ceilings. Faux finished Plaster cathedral ceiling and decorative paint create the illusion of an underground cave. For centuries Wine Makers relied on caves and other below ground chambers to store and age wine,  Now days most of us no longer have the room for a cave to store are Wine in. The best we can do is use a space in our homes that has some thermal Mass passive cooling, to help some active refrigeration. By doing that we will have the best of yesterday and today. Making the cost of running the refrigeration go down and saving energy.


Wine collecting seems to be at an all time high. New Wineries seem to appear overnight.  Wine collecting is driven by a passion for Wine and a Wine culture, As a Seattle Masonry Contractor we have work on many beautiful masonry projects, The ones that stand out the most in my mind are the stone masonry projects that have to do with Wine Room, Wine Cellars or wineries.  The next time you visit Walla Walla drive up Mill Creek to the Abeja Winery, and view a beautiful Dry Stack Masonry Wall that will stand for hundreds of years.  Massive, Permanent, and Stunning.  Laying Stone is like a chess game with each Stone that you lay, it will change the next stones to be placed.  Essentially Stone Work Comes down to an artistic statement  that  only the mason can feel and envision.  The Stone Wall at Abeja Winery By  Mike Leistiko Construction. and Tim Wheeler Masonry Construction A Seattle Stone Masonry Contractor.




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