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Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Seattle

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven SeattleOne of lives joys is about eating wonderful food. For me a good Wood-Fired Pizza is one of these wonderful foods. Wood-Fired Pizza is all about preparing fresh wonderful ingredients and baking them on a thin crust pie. By using fruit wood in your Wood-Fired Pizza Oven you will impart delicious hints of fruit flavors to the Pizza. One of the Pizza Ovens that you see in my gallery is placed in my own kitchen and is set in a corner and is built with a Texas Cream Stone.  I picked this design because like most kitchens my floor space was limited, to my delight it fit in the space that we had beautifully. We enjoy having friends over for dinner quite often and my wife loves to fix a wide verity of fine food in her Wolf stove and oven, and usually is quite the hit.  But I do get to have Pizza Party ever so often and that when all our friends want to come over so I guess that my wood-Fired Pizza Oven is also a big hit. One other thing I love about my Wood-Oven is that it is on a gas back up system that lets me turn a valve throw on a few small logs light it, and  have a beautiful small fire to have my coffee with in the morning



A Brick Oven can be used for a verity of other thing that we love to eat, if you want to bake bread, then you should operate your Wood-Fired Oven in a more traditional way, letting the embers die down and sweeping out the wood ash.  The Wood-Oven is ready to bake in, place the bread in the Oven and close the door on the front of your Oven. This is the only way you can build up the steam inside the Oven to give you that ultimate crust on the bread.  But if you are baking Pizza , or making any other food like baking a potato, roasting a chicken, or baking a pie, then its best to keep a small fire in your Wood-Fired Oven, and leave the door open so as not to steam them. You will need to heat up your  Wood- Fired Oven for about 2 hours before its ready to use, and one of the best thing about cooking in a Wood-Fired Oven is that it needs little or no cleaning, the reason for this is that the high heat acts like a self cleaning Oven only better. One other thing that comes in handy is to buy a thermometer to place in the opening of your Wood- Fired Bake Oven this will help you to know when to start and stop baking.



For a Wood-Fired Oven to work Properly there are quite a few hard and fast rules that need to be followed when you are building a Wood-Oven.  The traditional Direct-Fired Masonry Oven is called a Black Oven, and dates back to the Roman empire. It is known as a black oven due to the fact that black smoke will build up on roof of the oven. This is quickly consumed when the fire reaches a certain temperature and then reappears when the fire dies down. These Black-Ovens were very popular in the early Americas during the colonial era, and are still in wide use in artisanal bakeries and pizzerias, as well as restaurants that feature Wood-fired Pizza and baked dishes. The function of a Masonry Oven is to trap and radiate heat from a fire, either built within the oven itself or in a Firebox that vents into the Oven.  A traditional Wood-Burning Masonry Oven can be said to be so simple and primitive and yet it holds highly efficient technology that will not let us down.  As a Masonry Contractor in the Seattle area we have built Quite a few Masonry Wood-Fired Ovens for the delight of their owners, they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and color.  In fact they can be built with Brick, stone or plaster as a finish. please take a moment and view our beautiful picture gallery of Wood-Fired Ovens.  For a Beautiful Wood-Fired Oven at a affordable price let us help you enjoy the best tasting pizza that you have ever ate.




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